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  1. BL1 Body Lift

    BL1 Body Lift

    A unique home exercise weight machine. This piece of fitness equipment uses your own body weight.
  2. M2 Multi Gym

    M2 Multi Gym

    The M2 represents all of the capability of a multi weight stack gym in a compact, single stack, forward design. Its unique press arm offers both fixed pressing exercises as well as free motion movements.
  3.  M3 Multi Gym

    M3 Multi Gym

    This M3 Multi Gym features a commercial quality abdominal crunch station built right into its head pad.
  4. M4 Multi Gym

    M4 Multi Gym

    The M4 home gym is completely iso-lateral giving the user greater freedom of movement. Each side of one’s body is responsible for exactly 50% of the load, which in turn improves muscle balance and coordination as well as develops the user’s core stabilizer muscles in the mid-section.
  5. M5 Multi Gym

    M5 Multi Gym

    The M5 Multi Gym orthopedic pads provide exceptional comfort. “Hybrid” fixed and functional training. Space saving “L” shaped design.
  6. M1 Multi Gym

    M1 Multi Gym

    All six pull points on the M1 require the user to balance the weight as exercises are performed.
  7. Pro-Style Home Gym AXT-5D

    Pro-Style Home Gym AXT-5D

    Fully adjustable, dual pivot points on the pectoral arms accommodate various arm lengths and helps the user maintain perfect form throughout the range of motion.
  8. AXT-225 Classic Home Gym

    AXT-225 Classic Home Gym

    Traditional home gym platform providing full body machine based movements shown with option AXT-RIG Cable Outrigger station (MSRP: USD$379.00). Standard with 200 lbs. weight stack.
  9. SXT-550 Hybrid Home Gym

    SXT-550 Hybrid Home Gym

    Combines popular functional training with traditional press arm and leg station offering the best of both worlds.
  10. AXT-TOS Inner Outer Thigh

    AXT-TOS Inner Outer Thigh

    Single station attachment complete with hardware and cable. Adjustable back support for proper body alignment.

Items 1 to 10 of 11 total

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