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  1. SCS Smith Cage System

    SCS Smith Cage System

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    Dual weight stack design provides unique iso-lateral exercises. Double racking system accommodates smith bar and free weight bar simultaneously. Adjustable high/low pulley system offers a wide variety of functional and sport specific exercises. Pull-up bar is adjustable in height to accommodate low ceiling clearance. Fully loaded system includes FID bench as well as preacher curl and leg developer attachments.
  2. Basic Smith Machine/Half Cage Combo CSM-600

    Basic Smith Machine/Half Cage Combo CSM-600

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    A "proven" 7º slant Smith Press design allows a natural feel and body movement. Heavy weight half rack system with enclosed self-aligning linear bearing Smith press system with built-in adjustable safety stoppers. Spring loaded/swing lock J-Hook (Pat. Pend.) design for easy adjustability with integrated safety stoppers. Standard with built-in chinning bar, Olympic bar holder and weight plates storage. Smith press bar easily stored away to allow full accessibility for other floor exercise.
  3. Plate Load Leg Extension/Prone Leg Curl Bench CPL-400

    Plate Load Leg Extension/Prone Leg Curl Bench CPL-400

    Dual purpose bench allows seated leg extension and prone leg curl exercises. Compact design minimizes bench length and places weight horn closer to user. Adjustable cam provides proper strength curve and allows multiple start positions for both exercises.
  4. Horizontal Plate Load Leg Press/Hack Squat CLH-300

    Horizontal Plate Load Leg Press/Hack Squat CLH-300

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    Unique 2-in-1 design allows seated leg press and prone hack squat positions off same machine. Seat carriage with commercial grade linear wheels riding on 2" nickel plated support rails provide optimal path of travel throughout the range of motion. Dual foot plates provide space for a variety of foot placement options and target muscle isolation. Direct belt linkage weight load allows precise pressing resistance.
  5. Plateholder/Organizer


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    A great addition to any weight room, organize your plates and bars on one convenient rack. Small footprint, maximum storage potential!
  6. Leg Extension / Leg Curl GCEC340

    Leg Extension / Leg Curl GCEC340

    Leg workouts have never been so quick and efficient. The two most important leg exercises can now be performed from one comfortable position. The fully adjustable 7-gauge steel cam will easily accommodate any user.
  7. Lat Pulldown GLM83

    Lat Pulldown GLM83

    Features included patented nylon bushings to provide super-smooth movements. Pop pin adjustments, foam rollers and bar holders for high and low pulleys add order and convenience to your workout.
  8. BodyCraft Linear Bearing Hip Sled F660

    BodyCraft Linear Bearing Hip Sled F660

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    Your leg muscles are the strongest and toughest muscles in your body. We have built the BodyCraft F660 Hip Sled with that in mind. From the heavy gauge steel, to the industrial grade linear bearings, this machine is built to withstand the toughest workouts – for a lifetime!
  9. Preacher Curl Bench

    Preacher Curl Bench

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    Open front for access to do standing exercises. Seven seat heights from 18" to 25". Thick protective guards on bar rails. Optional Weight horns available for plate storage.
  10. Counter Balanced Smith Machine

    Counter Balanced Smith Machine

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    Linear bearings on 1 1/2”, case hardened shafts ensure smooth operation. Weight bar angled at 5 degrees. Low starting resistance accommodates users of all abilities. Walk-through design for easy access. Adjustable stops act as range limiters for most users. Multi-functionality ensures lifting variety.

10 Item(s)

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