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  1. M1 Multi Gym

    M1 Multi Gym

    The M1 Multi-Gym - the Ultimate Cable Gym with 6 pulleys & a telescoping seat.
  2. M2 Multi Gym

    M2 Multi Gym

    The M2 represents all of the capability of a multi weight stack gym in a compact, single stack, forward design. Its unique press arm offers both fixed pressing exercises as well as free motion movements.
  3.  Inspire M3 Multi Gym

    Inspire M3 Multi Gym

    This M3 Multi Gym features a commercial quality abdominal crunch station built right into its head pad.
  4. M5 Multi Gym

    M5 Multi Gym

    with press arm, seated leg curl & extension station, dual weight stacks, free movement handles, row station & 4 pulleys.
  5. BL1 Body Lift

    BL1 Body Lift

    with fixed press arm, 2 pulleys, leg curl & extension station, & free movement handles.
  6. Inspire Fitness Leg Press Option for M-Series

    Inspire Fitness Leg Press Option for M-Series

    Inspire Fitness Leg Press Option for M-Series
  7. K2.1 Strength Training System

    K2.1 Strength Training System

    The Bodycraft K2 includes two Weight Stacks which allow for multiple users. Precision milled, steel alloy weight plates with factory installed EZ Glide nylon bushings travel quietly over chrome plated guide rods. Both weight stacks provide 200 pounds of plates in 10 pound increments. Perforated steel enclosures provide safety, noise dampening and a beautiful appearance.
  8. XPress Pro Strength Training System

    XPress Pro Strength Training System

    The XPress Pro created a whole new category of Home Gyms. It was the very first gym to ever incorporate our Adjustable Cable Arms. This revolutionary feature opened up literally hundreds of new exercises available on home gyms, from Dumbell Training, to Functional Training, to Core Training, to Sports Specific and Rehabilitation exercises. This feature has been copied by virtually every home gym supplier in the business, and has come to be recognized as a sub-category. The XPress Pro is the standard; copied, but not duplicated!
  9. Galena Pro Strength Training System

    Galena Pro Strength Training System

    The BodyCraft Galena Pro home gym is built to fit into any corner of a room, requiring much less space than traditional designs. Featuring a Chest Press, Dual-Function Pec Dec, Leg Extension, Leg Curl, Lat Pull, Low Pulley Station, Abdominal Crunch, and Leg Press (optional), every major muscle group can be strengthened in a minimum amount of time
  10. Elite Strength Training System

    Elite Strength Training System

    Loaded with unique features found only on this home gym! Extensive thought went into this one - our goal was to include benefits traditionally only provided from freeweight training combined with the simplicity and safety of a home gym.

Items 1 to 10 of 26 total

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